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Wedding Stationeries

I'd love an opportunity to create something personal and meaningful for your reunion.

Below are some of the work that I've done for my clients. If you'd like to personalise one

for your wedding or have any creative ideas in mind, I'd be happy to hear from you!


Drop me a message here and let's get in touch!

Portrait Guestbook

If you are looking for something fun and engaging for your wedding guests at the reception before the wedding program begins, our Personalised Portrait Guestbook allow guests to check themselves in by finding and adding colours to their little portrait. It also doubles up as an art piece after the wedding, where the couple can frame it up for display in their home to reminisce the memories made with people they love.

Our Personalised Portrait Guestbook comes in two different layouts - individual and group. The individual layout creates a clean and neat look while the group layout shows the interaction and connections in each drawing.

Portrait Seating Plan

If you're looking for a seating plan where guests can easily find their table numbers and your bridesmaids and groomsmen can take a little mini breather, this seating plan comes with a drawn portrait of the bride and groom, giving it an additional touch of personalisation.


Coloured in just like our guestbook above with a glitter sprinkles, the portraits are drawn according to bride and groom's actual wedding outfits!

Portrait Program Sheet

From a welcome note dedicated to your wedding guests down to the detailed wedding program to crediting the awesome bunch behind this wedding prep, put them together with a hand-drawn portrait and you get a wholesome program sheet for your wedding! 

Calligraphed Agate Slices

If you are looking for something personalised, luxurious and classy for your wedding or event, you may like our calligraphed agates. Handwritten with waterproof inks, these agates pieces makes a great display piece.

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